Local Search Engine Optimization is a significant online marketing strategy for online businesses looking to extend their reach to customers. Local SEO proves to be a very important strategy in SEO if you want to vend your products/service to a marketplace, specific geographical regions. Highlighting on Local SEO when optimizing the website is very important. Local keywords need to use to get the targeted traffic that you are looking for.

Did you know? It is estimated that 46% of all Google searches are local.

Enhancing the Local Online Experience of Customers

Internet marketing specialists like say that locally focused site traffic is usually more competent and results in higher conversion and buying. Anyone can enhance the customer online buying experience by offering highly pertinent local data on your site. Assisting your customers land on a page comprising germane local info they are eyeing for vastly advances conversion rates. Keywords for local SEO will be somewhat different from the conventional SEO. There are visible alterations in the way customers hunt for services and products in their zone. That’s why there is a requirement for a highly tailored search engine optimization method when it comes to taking the consideration of local consumers. Each locality needs to be explored precisely to be able to maneuver an operational marketing strategy that emphases on local markets.

Below are some of the 3 great techniques that should be executed into your marketing and SEO plan to guarantee the prospective patrons that are visiting your website are essentially in need of the facilities or products that you offer. These 3 tips will help you rank and get you more traffic.

1. Locally focused content

Writing like a local is the best way that can make your content locally-focused while still providing on the value you’ve vowed to the local searcher. Local jargon and idioms can make your content feel more informal while also targeting queries that may not come up in your keyword research.

For instance

Let’s take for example the sandwich. When you have a sandwich split lengthwise occupied with veggies, meats, cheeses, and condiments on your menu, what do you call it? Different regions have a different name, either it may be called as a hoagie or a submarine or a wedge or a hero. What words do they use? What queries do they have? Talk to your staff, use consumer analyses, just spend some time in a place and pay close attention!

It is imperative to know what your consumers know, feel, think and talk about your products locally so that it becomes easy to put pen to paper about them in a way that creates the local searcher feel right at home.

Best advice

Create a blog and add contents which are content related to your niche and town. Purpose of your blog is to share your ideas and values of your products/service with your local communities. Every business stands for some values and ethics, so it is very crucial to spread your message to them.

2. Maps, directories & citations

In local SEO, citations are the same as the quality backlink in SEO. Improving the volume and authority of your citation portfolio is one of the top ways to improving your rankings in Google local search results (Google Maps).

Fact: Only 44% of local retailers have claimed their Google My Business yet.

For local companies, it’s significant for every business to be available on Google Maps and have GMP (Google My Business). In the end, when people don’t know about the direction of your online business, then you’re out of the league.

Best advice

There are many local online business directories are websites like Yelp, Foursquare, MapQuest, and YellowPages which can help in listing with your business name, address, and phone number into these directories help visibility, but it’ll also boost your local SEO.

3. Local link building

Link building is the most essential factor when it comes to SEO.  We are not talking about local directory backlinks. Link building is something which search engines value a lot. So it needs to be executed very specifically.

Best advice

Find local backlinks from the local renowned clubs like Lions, Rotary, Toastmasters and a single backlink from such place can boost your website. This strategy works on most of the websites. These backlinks update Google that you are connected to the local community, Also make sure to link are contextual and not paid.

Over to you

Above 3 tips can make your website rank faster, provide you more lead locally and have a solid base in your local SEO strategy. SEO changes very rapidly and it’s uncertain when Google will announce new features on its local SEO. That’s why it’s essential to continuously stay on top of local SEO.

About The Author:

Joel House is  CEO and Founder of JHSM. He has helped many companies which are looking to do the best in SEO and Digital Marketing. Joel likes reading books and has been studying, growing in digital marketing from the past 10 years.