We all know that Google analytics is the most powerful tool. It has given so many reports for different reports. Yes, definitely this reports helps you to optimize your website. Nowadays SEO is the most important thing in digital marketing. This reports also help to define marketing strategy and SEO strategy for your business.

Website improvement (SEO) is a hotly debated issue that is continually developing. In the least complex shape, SEO is the procedure for getting found in web indexes, for example, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With any SEO methodology, checking and adjusting are key components. Google Analytics is an extraordinary device to screen SEO activities and in addition help with building up an SEO procedure.

Why Google Analytics?

It gives profitable experiences that can assist you in shaping the achievement methodology of your business. For this, you have to know the subtle elements of what individuals do when they visit your site, to what extent they remain and what all pages do they visit on your site.

Google analytics is a very effective tool which gives you a lot of reports with different features. Nowadays, all businesses are online and to analyze its outcome you have to use analytics tools. It’s free to use, gives accurate data, you can create customized reports as per your business.

There are several reports you have to look for SEO purpose. All this ways are given as below. Go through this reports to success your SEO efforts.

Most Viewed pages

This report will help you to see which page on your site is most visited. You can know about the pages which are less visited and you can make some changes accordingly. You can review that pages and change its content, images, designs etc as per your requirement.

You can also know that sessions, bounce rate, avg session duration for a particular page. For SEO purpose you can optimize the particular page.  To see most viewed pages in analytics, Go to behavior section -> overview -> In that see the full report.

Search Terms and Keywords

In analytics, you know the search queries that user typed in search engines and reach your site. This keyword and search queries are the most important. You can add this search queries in the content of your site. Through this report, you can know what the user is thinking about your site. You can read your user’s mind with this report. You can know your website or organization name in many different forms.

Search Terms and Keywords

In analytics, you can see this report in this way. Go to Acquisition -> Google ads -> Search Queries. You can deep analyze the report by applying the secondary filters.

Referral Paths

This report will show you from which path the user comes to your site. You can know the URLs which refer your site. From the referral URL, you can also get the idea to optimize your landing page. So, this is an area of improvement from an SEO perspective.

To see this report in analytics go to acquisition -> All traffic ->Referrals. You can apply secondary reports. For example, your referral traffic comes from your blog OR any other blog that you posted on another site, you can do changes on that blog to get more referral traffic.

Referral Paths

If you want traffic from a blog then you have added more value to your content. You can also define content marketing strategy from this referral reports. So, this way you can use referral paths for your marketing campaigns.

Landing Page & Exit Page

Landing page shows you on which web page user entered your site. In some page of your site has a good amount of conversion rate and in some pages you get visitors but they are not converted in customers. So, you can improve this landing pages.

Landing Page & Exit Page

In the exit page report, you will see the report of the page where the user left your site. The list of URLs where user exit from your site, this list will help you to improve that pages where most of the user will leave your site.

In analytics go to Behaviour -> Site content -> Landing Page/Exit Page. You can compare the previous month/year report and do better analysis.

Site Speed

A site’s speed influences its pursuit positioning since website speed influences client encounter – a pivotal factor Google thinks about when positioning a site page. You can utilize the Site Speed include in Google Analytics to see which website pages need to enhance their pages speed. In analytics, you can see this report in Behaviour -> Site speed -> speed Suggestions.

The Speed Suggestions area offers recommendations on how you can enhance your site speed. To produce the proposals, tap on the cells under the PageSpeed Suggestions section and Google Analytics will take you to PageSpeed Insights – a Google-powered tool which prescribes ways you enhance your site speed.

Channel Grouping for Better Targeting

It’s critical to know where your customer is coming from. But with google analytics, you can know this. Analytics enables you to see a portion of the default channels at first, however, they can be easily customized in order to view detailed categories.

Channel Grouping for Better Targeting

You can also see source and medium where your users are coming. From, this you can optimize your campaigns. Analytics gives a lot of data related to the user, their location, devices, browser, which technology they are using and many more. So, you can make SEO strategy by improving this.

You can know traffic source where your most of customer comes to your site. And these channels are most important to define the marketing strategy for your business. You can see this reports in Acquisition -> All traffic -> Channels.

In Conclusion:

There are lots of factors from where you can make a decision for an SEO perspective. This article is not about Guide of google analytics. Here I mentioned actionable steps to improve your website with the help of google analytics. All your SEO success depends on your analysis and the actions you take. If you have so e-commerce store then google analytics is a must. Nowadays competition in e-commerce business is increased day by day. So, need regular analysis of your site and update your site as per latest custom option features.

Analytics data brings you a lot of value for your SEO strategy. I hope this article will help you to get SEO success for your business. I like to reply to your comments and suggestion. Happy Reading..!

About The Author:

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