The animation is the process of designing, making layouts, drawing and the making of the exact sequence which is implemented into the multimedia and gaming product. Animation exploits and manages the still images to create the illusion of motion.  The person who performs all these tasks is known as an animator. The use of the several computer technologies which are capturing the still images, and then designing them according to your desired sequence.

The term multimedia is used to describe the combination of audio and visual materials which are gathered from different sources and then combined added into a single combination. A multimedia final product is a mixture of text, sound, visual, colors, graphic, videos, and animation. In other words, multimedia is used for the visual and the audio materials into an individual common presentation, which can easily be played on the desktop with digital video, internet, streaming audio, web technology, data projection, and video system. The entertainment industry of this era, for instance, fil and TV industry has gained new hype because of the evolution in animation, multimedia, and graphics. Advertisement on television, cartoon shows, model designs and presentations, all are utilizing the platform of animation.

Types of animation:

1. Traditional animation:

Traditional animation involves the animators who draw characters by hand for each of the single frames. If you love to draw with pencil and paper, then you are definitely going to like traditional animation. It’s kind of interesting approach for animation. In the traditional animation, the animator draws the characters with their hand on the frame from which illusion of motion is created. The 2D animation involves the creation of numerous pictures and then feeding those pictures into the plastic cells, hand painting the pictures and create the animated sequence on the painted backgrounds of the images.

2. 2D animation:

The creation of the animation in the 2d space with the support of digital technologies is known as digital 2d animations. There is no need for digital models you just have to create the frames. You can create 100s of drawing and can animate them to show some motion which is technically known as 2D animation. With the help of adobe flash player, animators can reduce the numbers of pictures which once was used in greater number. This will help them to make 2D animation easier.

3. 3D animation:

If you are interested in the making of the imaginary characters into the real ones. The journey from imagination to reality is called 3D animation. The digital 3d animation is much easier to draw and they are also famous in the video making industry. By utilizing computer software, 3d animated images are being used to create short films, movies, and television advertisements. The future career of 3D animation is bright and successful. Different Custom Animation Maker Online tools can help you to create 3D animation easily.

4. Stop-motion animation:

By utilizing the one by one frame technique, the physical static is moved in different directions. Stop motion animation is present since the evolution of the puppets. There is a list of movies which are made with the stop-motion animation method.

Reasons why animation is important in storytelling:

  1. Animations bring us back to the golden days of our youth.
  2. The magic of the film is being blown through the spell of animation.
  3. The world is described as a vibrant, lush and marvelous place.
  4. The opportunities in animation are infinite.
  5. The animation art from continuously pushes the limits of film making.
  6. The animation is not limited for the people of a specific age, it can be enjoyed by people of every age.
  7. Animation can make us laugh and cry at the same time.
  8. It gives you the pleasure of pure joy with its traditional movie music.
  9. Even with the simplest representation, it can draw the attention of the audience easily.
  10. No other medium can compete with the charm of animation.
  11. There is a long list of different styles.
  12. It helps to gain the attention of the maximum audience swiftly.

Some animation facts you have never heard before:

1) Do you know that Disney’s big hero 6 was inspired by the Marvel comic which was created back in the 90s known as Sunfire and big hero 6?

2) The scenes in Shrek when princess Fiona burps were written after the recording session where Cameron Diaz burped after drinking Coca-Cola.

3) In the cartoon, Dexter’s laboratory, the last name of his family was never revealed.


The animation is playing a vital role and people are loving the animated characters more than the real ones.

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