You can ask your followers a question from your stories and post their answers! You can see who asks the question but they will remain anonymous to your other followers.

Instagram has incorporated some interesting new features that can be useful for brands looking to update how they use the platform. The major features that will be available on Instagram now are video chat, a new video channel, music and questions for Instagram stories and an updated explore page. All of these features can offer businesses new opportunities to connect with customers, share important information and reach a new audience on Instagram.

I Want My IGTV

Instagram launched a new video platform called IGTV which will allow users to post long-form video content similar to YouTube but vertical videos filmed with a smartphone. This can simplify the editing process and make it easier for people to simply film longer videos from their phone and post them on the new platform. This means brands can make content as long as 10 minutes which can showcase products, provide tutorials to consumers or show behind the scenes action.

Video Chat

As far as video features Instagram is also offering a video chat option between users to help people connect more directly. This feature allows people to turn a DM into a live call with up to four friends at a time. This could potentially be used for certain types of businesses that want to be able to check in with clients or it could act as chat support for customer service.

Ask Me Anything

Instagram stories can now also include certain music tracks listed on the platform which can be great for creating more cinematic and entertaining videos. Brands can use music in their videos to showcase their personality and connect with followers who might have similar music tastes. Stories are also going to be more interactive as followers can type in questions for your to answer when they see your video.

Taking advantage of new Instagram features can be great for businesses looking for new ideas to reach people online.

new ideas to reach people online

IGTV has something for everyone from travel adventures to cooking shows even fitness routines.


IGTV will send you notifications of content you might be interested in at the top of your timeline.

video chat

You can video chat with another user from Direct Messaging…if they choose an answer.

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