There are numerous numbers of platforms and tools that you can use to help promote your business. However, many people are using these tools inefficiently with undesirable results achieved. It is important that you only use tools which help you boost your business in an effective manner. There are tools which are expensive and complex to use, it is better to search about them before using. Once you get the hang of social media marketing through these tools you will never go back.

To make you utilize your time and resources in an effective manner, we are here to guide you. These 12 tools for social media marketing will help you boost your business more than you can imagine.

  • Social Clout: This is a great tool for monitoring all types of audience engagement on different posts. It can get hectic keeping tabs on every social media network manually, it takes more time than required. This app gives you a graphical view of all statistical reports and insights from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and various others.

Social Clout

  • BuzzSumo: One of the best tools for interpreting content once it has been published. It is very simple to use and makes your campaigns more powerful. You just have to enter a keyword and it will immediately give you all activity relating your content and how the performance is within the targeted audience.
  • TweetReach: If you’re promoting your brand through Twitter more frequently and you want to know that how many people you’ve reached, then this is a good tool to get the job done. It gives you a detailed analysis of any social profile required. Also, really helpful if you want to compare results from your competitors. Basically, it shows you the activity and response generated through your tweet.


  • Mention: This tool is used by thousands of marketing professionals to maintain and operate their daily activities. By specifying your keywords this tool will alert you of all the social media engagements. Receive alerts of who is retweeting or reposting your content and reply in no time to stay updated. A very productive tool to help you manage everything in one place.
  • Post Planner: To plan all your Facebook activity, this is one of the tools that come in handy. It is a Facebook incorporated app which lets you publish your post by scheduling for specific times and audience. This gives you the freedom to easily target your audience by age, gender, location and various others to get you the desired result on your Facebook page. Post Planner will also show you post engagements of different trending content. By scheduling your posts, you won’t be bound to sit around and wait for the specific time it needs to be posted, Post Planner will do that automatically.
  • Buffer: A very popular tool to control scheduled tasks and content amongst all famous platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Every social media can be controlled by this one tool. It comes with a chrome extension to make it easier for the users to stay connected across all platforms. The buffer is useful to keep your followers updated all the time and save time by getting your message across all social media platform at the same time. You can even customize your message to post on different platforms or you can choose to keep it the same.


  • Addvocate: This tool is very advantageous in making your marketing experience better. It is a fact that even though your business following is a lot, content that your employee’s share on their personal accounts might gain you more followers. Addvocate is useful to keep track of which employee generates more traffic and engagement. It generated sharable contents and forwards it to the employee’s so they can share it on their accounts.
  • Compfight: In this world of social media it is getting really hard to capture the attention of the audience. Researchers have figured out that pictures on blogs, Facebook, Twitter draw the reader more towards the content rather just the plain old content itself. To make your business stand out, you need to figure out a way to make your pictures look different. Compfight will help you do just that. If you have this tool then you don’t need to spend a lot of money on hiring a professional photographer to take pictures or design specific ones. It uses Flickr to search pictures, ideas that might be helpful to you. But whatever photos you use, you need to provide specific attribution to the photographer.
  • Tagboard: This tool can give you all kinds of conversations across all platforms from a specific hashtag or a keyword. You wouldn’t have to search each platform individually to check your business or other businesses. You just have to enter the keyword and voila, you have all the information from every platform right in front of you. Great tool to gather conversations, articles regarding that specific keyword. Tagboard is free to use which makes it a must tool for social media marketing. Easy and simple to use too.
  • Socialbakers: A very effective tool to give you results of how your business is doing against the competitors. It will analyze your performance by comparing data and content. This will be an edge to your business if you know what and how your opposite team is doing.
  • Ice Rocket: If you’re a blogger then Ice Rocket is the best tool for you. You can easily search articles and contents among all blogs. Can be used for research and to gather ideas.
  • PageLever: This is a Facebook incorporated feature which will allow you to see the overview of how your page is doing. All the information in graphical forms to help you better understand where the traffic is coming from and give you an insightful view of the page. Very useful for maintaining track of all activities of the page. It shows you total engagement on your recent posts, fan growth, clicks per day and various other features.

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