We always give importance to desktop keywords and neglect the facts of how vital mobile keywords can be. But most of the people in this era use the Internet through their mobile phones. So, it is high time to pay attention to mobile keywords. It’s really tough to think about mobile more than desktop keywords. A huge number of audiences surf the web with mobiles, so if you intend to catch their attention, a mobile SEO boost up is needed for your site so that it will be fruitful.

Mobile keywords are more likely to be single keywords. It includes letters or numbers and can be picked by an entrepreneur as it is needed to send the word to the users as code in their mobiles. The codes are called “Short Code”.

These short codes must be unique and must be relevant to the brand and the campaign strategy. The target of this is the person who is sending the text message can join to the messaging list and can get into the interactive text message campaign.

Distinguishing between mobile keyword and desktop keyword, here are some of the things to keep in mind:

  • The keywords that are used for mobile phones are usually shorter than desktop keyword.
  • People with mobile phones usually use voice search for queries while desktop users search by typing.
  • The probability of error in mobiles is more than that of a desktop.

Mobile keyword research plays a very effective role in marketing strategy if you are aiming at taking SEO more seriously.  The arena of SEO marketing has changed a lot over the years and nowadays, it is largely dependent on mobile. So if you are not properly prepared to take this challenge, to be very honest, you are going to suffer some serious consequences regarding SEO.

Mobile keyword research is rather easy if you really think about it. Sometimes it is easier than desktop keyword research. It only needs your dedication, wisdom, and thorough knowledge of your audience and your capability to create dynamic SEO strategies.The following tips will be useful for you to improve your mobile SEO optimized website.

Keep it short

Short words are more popular for mobile search because it is easy to type for the users. The longer keyword can be used on the desktop but it doesn’t work as well on smartphones. You can’t afford to lose your visitors only by focusing on general keywords.

Invest some time on a mobile keyword to reach your target audience. Try to keep the keywords short to get better results. The most secure approach to go ahead with mobile marketing is to utilize keywords of two to three words.

Spacing is Important

Instead of focusing on lots of words, try to work with one suitable word. Using only one word for your keyword can make the whole thing simple. If two words are necessary for your keyword, try to use two different keywords. One will be with space and another will be without space.

Here is an example to make it clearer. Suppose, your keyword is “Houston Texas”, you can use two keywords for this; one will be “Houston Texas” and another will be “Houston Texas”.  We all know that a computer does only what it is instructed to do. If you choose a keyword without space and someone is searching for space, then the computer will not find it. Obviously, you will not want these things to happen., So, it will be a wise decision to use both.

Think about the location

Mobile searches are more likely to have location elements. Usually people prefer to get local results for what they are searching. That’s why it’s important to add location elements to mobile keywords.

You must make your site local SEO friendly so that the local audience can find you easily. By setting up ‘Google my business’ you make a presence on Google map instantly. So the audience can connect with you easily and it makes your rank higher on the SERPs.

Ensure to use the words such as ‘nearby’ or ‘near me’ while selecting your location based mobile keyword. Many people use these types of a keyword when searching online. So, when they will search with those keywords, your site will be shown. This way, you can increase the possibility of your site being found by your target audience.

Think about alternative searches

Voice search has become very popular recently. People find it easier and more convenient instead of text searching. To search anything, you don’t even need to open the browser.  You can search what you want only by speaking with the help of some programs like Siri and Cortana. So, to cope up with the recent system, you must follow the trend for your site. You need to work for voice searching to make sure your business is also visible on voice search.

Make the keyword easy

Sometimes we make mistakes by complicating things unnecessarily. Always try to choose simple and general keywords instead of uncommon and tough ones. Ensure interesting and easy keywords that are easy to remember.

Normally people don’t forget those words which are interesting. If you choose tough keywords, people might find it harder to remember. When you are promoting your site or product, some people may not have mobile phones with them. If your chosen keyword will be easy, then they can search for that once they have access to the Internet.

Avoid special characters

Special character can make your keyword difficult to remember. So, it’s better to avoid it. If you don’t want to make it hard then try to find keywords with standard letters that are easy to type.


A good performance in mobile keyword research will help you to be more visible in search engines. Eventually, more people will be able to find your business. If you can implement these tips on your site, you will get the upper hand and stand out among your competition.  Think from your users’ perspective while doing keyword research.  It is high time to adopt this trendy strategy and get the best out of it.

About The Author:

Paul Cowell is a writer and blogger who has projects along with many SEO companies in Houston. He also has experience in the field of SEO and Digital Marketing. When not writing, Paul enjoys shopping and going out with his friends.