Emerging technologies, new trends, and the demand to optimize the digital content will definitely tighten the noose for digital marketers for 2019. The digital marketers design strategies and tactics to increase the customer base in the highly competitive market.

Well, we do not want to scare you or make you get intimated to read the blog. But we have facts, figures, and above all reasons to predict the hard-hitting trends this year. So, there is a lot at stake (due to the emerging trends) which even the smartest marketer will look for.

One more thing to remember, if these trends are properly examined and put to use correctly, they will increase the business and reach out to the maximum people for sure. These changes do have a chance to increase the customer base for any company.

Here we want to share predictions from the smartest minds who are ruling digital place for long and can share the estimates which are mostly correct and reliable to add numbers in the existing customer list.

#1. trend to follow

This year, SEO will move to voice search

This is not guessing, but the fact. There will be 100 million estimated sales for smart speakers which will provide voice assistance to the searchers.

So, move over old SEO with the issues of typing, reading, and navigation.

Voice search will be the new SEO thing which the marketers need to understand. Here you will find your target audience or maybe your audience will shift to the smart speakers.

Fix a spot for yourself in the voice results to increase client base.

#2. the trend will be to welcome AI

The core lesson in learning tips for digital marketing is to do your homework before even starting with the approach.

So, AI or Artificial Intelligence will be the solutions or cure for all kind of issues in the digital marketing scenario. Building audiences or data acquisitions, all will be done with the AI to get the quick fix solution and accurate results.

The new entrants whom you need to reach with your message or those who are visiting your website for the first time; you can find details about them with AI. Welcoming AI will give you information about these people and will increase your client list.

#3. brands will become community/ family with social media

The ideal place to connect with customers and clients is social media. Companies can build their brand power on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and so on. But it is tricky to use them to market themselves on these social media platforms.

Even the expert professional will agree on it; digital marketing is not at all easy; it is always evolving and never sticks to one evergreen path or route.

This prep with social media will help to understand the upcoming digital market trend for 2019 which will be complicated and more intense for sure.

But this is the place where almost everyone has their profile on.

Some other channel or branch of social media has profiles which have not visited your website and is unaware of your presence.

If you reach them in these social media platforms, they will add up to your existing client list and is the vital step or digital marketing tips to increase your client base.

#4. LinkedIn will become more popular

It will boost the users’ trust and no sentiments like #delete Facebook for their data breach or data sharing issue. It is no longer a resume sharing platform but has already started emerging as a brand engagement site.

With so many profiles created every day and people visit them frequently, your presence here will not go unnoticed.

Although most of the companies have their profile on LinkedIn, try to be active and reach to maximum people. The more you reach out to people, the more popular you are and so your digital presence increase which will result in increasing your customers who will reach out to you.

#5. Facebook will work to shape the watch platform

You have a Facebook profile and yet do not get the desired results? Well, we tell you why.

Facebook is all gearing up to post and also prioritize videos and content that will have the potential to trigger engagement and create community. Facebook Watch Parties is something that every digital marketer needs to know and use it to increase the client list. will need to know as it will be promoted by Facebook into their 2019 social media strategy.

#6. Embrace Controversy

Voicing their opinions on the controversy will be the trend and so if you are still wondering why Salesforce took stand for the business tax to help overcome San Francisco’s homelessness problem you got the reasons.

These strategy/ strategies made them quite popular and created an image which everyone appreciates. Voicing one’s belief and right opinion creates the connect and people like the brand image instantly.

This is the time to reach and maximize the volume of people who are already hooked to the cause. This will give instant recognition and help to identify and reach people.

#7. Predictive Analysis Will Help to Shape the Campaigns

This will save a lot on budget and valuable resources of the campaigns. Predictions will be based on data, studies, researches and other information which the digital marketers will integrate and put them to use.

You will be meeting your target audience through the predictive analysis and will be able to explain yourself much better.

#8. Emails Will Not Only Be Used as Circulars

This year, emails will get their long due attention.

The best part about emails is that here the individuals have finally won over the algorithms and so will be freely used to grab attention.

While putting them (email) to use for distribution strategy; the trend by expert marketers is to land in the client’s inbox to announce their movement.

In the age of Facebook live, AI, and video, emails will be smart, conversational and attention seeker communication which hardly anyone will let go unnoticed.

It is also a fact that people like to receive meaningful emails in their inboxes and slowly they get accustomed to it. Once the relation is established, you do increase your client list.

#9. Web Design to Be More Responsive

There is a constant push to present the smartest web design, and those with the prompt and immediate response will be the winner. They are the smartest move to catch the attention and rope in new people who want to respond to their queries.

Mobile compatibility is a must feature for the web designing and user engagement will be enhanced if there is plenty of useful content which will be able to catch the attention of the searcher.

As most of the searches are now made with mobiles, you need to create websites which are compatible with the device. This guarantee your website to appear on the search engine results and so more and more people visit you; finally increasing numbers to your client list.

#10. SEO will not fade away; in fact, organic SEO will be more than welcome

For this, retargeting your audience will be a smart move. If you fail to grab the attention the first time, do not feel shy to reach them with the next move. Organic SEO will never fade and will continue generating the desired results.

The second knock might seek attention from the client and you will be getting the attention you long for.

#11. Trust and Transparency Will Be Applauded

The Digital platform is the most responsive platform and we have seen the reactions and sentiments to the Facebook privacy practices and Google+ data issues.

So, digital marketers will carve out plans and strategies to build trust and transparency before making an attempt to make sales.

It actually has a great impact on the goodwill of the company and people want to do business with those having a clear image and reputation.

To receive and reach out to the people in the digital platform, your image is the most important thing. Once tainted, it takes a lot of time to repair and reconstruct which has an adverse effect on your customers.

This year, the maximum celebrated sites will be those having a good and clear image. To make it successful, try to avoid controversies and build trust in your customers.

#12. precision marketing will be common

If you are still not familiar with precision marketing, then work on it.

It is the process with which the marketers target or better hyper-target their audience with information based on their behavior, needs or requirements and their past purchases.

But it is not to be confused with the automation; as it is much deep and requires research and study.

Marketers calculate their ROI easily with precision marketing. And ROI is increased only with an increase in the number of customers. With precision marketing, you can rope in many new customers with accurate results.

#14. sales and marketing team will continue to cross their path

The thin line between them will still exist and they yet will continue to cross each other’s path. But the marketers will tactfully deal them and get the results by dealing them separately.

So, nothing wrong if the Marketing pros work to become sales experts and modern sellers perform to become marketers.

It is often misunderstood that both cannot work tighter, but the fact is if practiced perfectly, they do increase the customer base. However, to do so, you need to study and then curate plans and strategies to get the job done.

This year there will be a rise in such trends to increase businesses for sure.

#15. More organizations will acknowledge customers cultural DNA and beliefs.

This is the way to connect and build a relationship with the clients.  they also increase affinity and association between like-minded customers and the company and therefore results in making communities. These communities will further increase the recognition for the brand and then emerging with a strong and powerful brand image.

Once a powerful brand image is built, the number of clients will multiply itself as the attention shift is always towards quality in the digital market.

Digital marketing is a complicated game, and even the experts still claim to learn it.

Still more trends to follow

2019 will be full of aww moments and will keep the digital marketers on their toes. They will learn, reject, and still learn because the thumb rule for 2019 will be that what was selling last year will not work this year for sure.

So, if you have a plan to increase your client list this year, improving your image, performance, and tactics will defiantly get the numbers to increase in your client list.

About The Author:

Justin Kemp is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Ranking By SEO. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.