Starting from scratch with SEO to build free traffic can take you almost half a year to see any real results. To actually see your efforts turn into profit, you may need almost a year and a half. As we can see, to create really good content is no longer enough, especially if you want to see immediate results. This is where paid social marketing comes in. With paid social marketing, you can attain good traffic and generate revenue with less the amount of time.

How to Implement Paid Social Marketing

Review your budget and see what works best with your available resources. With the budget in mind, think about the business goals that you want to achieve both for short-term and for the long-term.

Consider the best choices for the social media platforms that you can integrate together to help you in achieving your goals. Observe the social media platforms where your competitors hang out and see how they are performing in their marketing. By studying their strategy, maybe you can get some of the best practices which you can replicate for your own strategy.

Another thing to think about is the internal sources you may need in allocating for paid marketing. Paid marketing can give you great results but not on its own; you still have to craft really good content to attract your target audience. You have to know the audience that you will be engaging with your high-value content and your paid marketing.


Experimenting with Paid Advertising Platforms

Now that you have brainstormed with your team and have found some platforms that you think will work for you perfectly, it is time to test the waters. For starters, you can experiment with a $100 budget on the ads in the social platform of your choice. Basically, you may launch your first campaign on Facebook because it is arguably the most accessible.

Paid social marketing will cost you some money. However, you ought to treat it as an investment. In return for this investment, you will see an increase in your engagement and you will get a high organic reach. With paid social marketing, it becomes easier for you to reach new audiences with the use of the granular targeting options. These are available for most of the social media platforms.

Using Facebook Advertising

There are ways that you can leverage your Facebook advertising. To get started with Facebook advertising, do the following steps:

  • Go to Promote
  • Proceed to Ads Manager
  • Select “Send People to Your Website.”

This way, you can send traffic to your landing page. Also, you can send readers to your articles. It is important that your appropriately set the demographics. Your content and your site should match your target audience.


When you send out a post, allow the readers to interact organically. You can start promoting your post with a minimum budget of $10 a day. Target ads that cost 10-15 cents per click. If it costs less, you may increase your budget.

If you run a blog with multiple authors, you may also publish a roundup of the best posts every week. To do this, you can share a lookbook image of your articles. Doing this will allow you to get more click-throughs to your content.

Using Twitter Advertising

Twitter advertising is similar to Facebook. To be able to launch a new campaign, the first thing you need to do is to log onto Twitter Ads. The next recommendation is for you to use Twitter cards. These are posts with rich media, either image or video, than the typical 140-character tweets. This will get you more attention and engagement.

Take advantage of Twitter by tweeting more often. However, pay to promote the best content that you have only. Promoting your good tweets might weaken the effect of your best content. The first thing you can do is to send out tweets organically. You can monitor the initial reaction. If it results in good engagement, then you can promote it.

In your analytics dashboard, you can look at the tweets and find the one that is getting the highest engagement. You can then promote them by choosing the “Select an Existing Tweet” option. You can find this inside the campaign option.

Remember that Twitter is a fast-paced platform. Your ads can get stale and lose engagement fast. You have to keep an eye on the cost per engagement. Monitor if they are getting low and decide to make a new ad and start to promote different pieces of content.

Media Mentions

While you optimize your paid social marketing, simultaneously, you can also pay attention at media mentions. Imagine if you can get your content in a highly-esteemed media platform, you can get the credibility and traffic that can drive your site forward.

To do this, make sure that you research on the kind of content formats that are being written and are trending in the media websites at present. The next thing to do is to perform email outreach to the influencers that have shared recently a piece that is similar to your content. You may use Buzzsumo to find the sharers.

An alternative way to earn mentions is to find authoritative blogs in your niche and consider guest posting there. It will promote the top 20% of your content.


Taking advantage of paid social marketing and including it in your content marketing strategy can greatly help you in gaining credibility and the much-needed traffic to your website.

Paid social marketing can give you results that are consistent. Especially if you are starting from scratch, paid social marketing can give you a boost and increase your traffic. It may take a few bucks out of your pocket but take it as an investment that is sure to bring you great results and profit.

However, remember that you still need to create good content that you can share and promote. Good content will get the attention of your audience, and from there, you will get lots of engagement. While you create great content, paid social marketing will allow you to fast-track the process.

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