Statistics reveal that FaceBook and Twitter are the two largest and most popular social media sites as far as a number of users are concerned. FaceBook has reached out billions of active users all over the world. It is expected to bring 21 billion new users in a month. On the other hand, Twitter is also used by billions of users worldwide. However, FaceBook is a bigger virtual community than Twitter by approximately 400 million. It is believed that although Twitter is less crowded with marketing promotions and advertisements, FaceBook is more preferred by many marketing experts. This is simply because; larger social media sites bear more potential buyers and potential sales. Getting a small portion of FaceBook’s huge volume of online traffic gets your business the opportunity to be the next big brand online. Doing so demands less effort and allows wise utilization of time. Generally, advertising in a bigger community is a clever marketing decision.

When it comes to social media marketing, efficient and intelligent use of time is the secret to a successful brand. Of course, there is a necessity to gather relevant data and information that allows you to better understand your market including the changes in their activities and behavior that significantly govern their buying preferences.

Coupon Machine designed a real-time mobile data stats  that saves you from the tedious legwork of data collection, gathering, and interpretation. This tool is accessible via mobile devices. Furthermore, it gives you the idea of your market and their desires. Not only that, Coupon Machine data statistics accurately and efficiently monitor the amount of traffic that big sites have. Few points which we have covered from Real-time data statistics are:

  • Nearly 4 million selfies are taken every hour worldwide.
  • 25 thousand Grabtaxi rides are ordered from mobile devices in every hour
  • More than 4 Million Samsung mobiles sales
  • Apple sells 618k mobiles every day.
  • More than 2 billion Instagram selfies and images uploaded every month only from mobile devices.
  • App store receives 96 new apps and games every day.

Bear in mind that small businesses like yours have the least chance of getting noticed when you still cling to traditional modes of marketing and advertising. We are in a generation of ultra- techy and virtually interactive individuals. Only very few of the people today watch television programs or reads magazines during their leisure time. Therefore, TV and magazine ads are not as effective as advertising on FaceBook or Twitter. Take a look at how dependent these people are on their mobile phones in performing day-to-day tasks and activities. Pay attention to how much time billions of people spend online rather than in reading and watching TV.

Understanding all these trends guides you towards better and more productive business decisions. Through this, you can select which marketing platform to post your ads to or specifically which site or sites to advertise your products and services.

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