Each and every day, millions of transactions take place on eBay. The e-commerce and auction-based website have grown into a household name all over the world, recognized by people from all reaches of the globe.

With billions of products being sold by millions of sellers, you are pretty much guaranteed to find what you are looking for and have it delivered to you very quickly.

eBay started out from humble beginnings as a website called ‘Auction Web’. The website was an instant hit and it very quickly took off, very quickly growing into an internet superstar and becoming one of the internet’s earliest success stories.

Although it started off as a basic auction-based website, it has been expanded on greatly over the years and the website is now very different than it was at the start. Today, there are options such as ‘Buy It Now’ and fixed-price listings which are the most popular features on the site, with 80% of sellers utilizing these features over the auction system.

You can buy literally anything you can think of on eBay, and the site has even been used to sell a private yacht worth over $160 million and a Gulfstream II Jet. Collectors love eBay because the site has a massive range of unique and quirky collectible items on it; eBay is the best place on the internet for buying collectors’ items.

What made eBay very successful in its early days – and continues to do so today – are the various eBay offers which are constantly available; prices you find on eBay will typically be cheaper than anywhere else.
eBay is great for sellers, too. It is a platform known and trusted around the world, so new customers feel confident and safe in making purchases.

On eBay, you will find many major e-commerce businesses and brands; many of them use eBay as their primary trading platforms. On eBay, it is possible to create your very own store and list items for customers to buy… it is highly customizable and very intuitive.

There is a great mixture of new and old items on eBay. Although there are lots of second-hand and collectible items available to purchase, the site also has a massive range of new and unused listings too.
Want to learn more about eBay? There are plenty of interesting facts and figures about the e-commerce giant. Check out our infographic below!

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