Have you ever stopped to wonder why there are difficulties in digital marketing for beginners?

There are two major problems that end up triggering other cascading problems: lack of time and money.

But, if it were only that, the problem could be solved easily. There are still two other difficulties in digital marketing for beginners that can be even more challenging:

  • Lack of hearing;
  • High concurrency;

It is clear that one thing can lead to another.

For the beginner, it’s not easy to sell. Many competitors are on the market for longer and have a much larger audience.

However, as much as that sounds daunting, don’t lose your focus. There’s space for everyone!

After all, we are in one of the country’s most consumers in the world.

According to the SPC, every 10 users online, 9 have made at least one purchase in the year 2018. This amounted to a total of almost R $50 billion reads of online shopping.

So, I’ve separated some tips so that you can better understand what are the 5 major difficulties in digital marketing for beginners? and how to fight them. Follow!

1-You have a differential?

Enter the digital market trying to crash head-on with who’s already established is not a very smart strategy.

Instead, you should try to create something new.

For this reason, many people give up early. Try to overcome the competition anyway.

If you have just created a brand of soda, why someone would buy Coca-Cola to buy you?

Maybe if you offer what the other mark does not offer, you earn more visibility and increase your chances to make it big in the market!

2-Digital marketing comes to Help, Not to sell

One of the main objectives of marketing is strengthening the relationship between the client and the producer/seller.

Therefore, if you become a seller, will hardly achieve any success.

This is one of the major difficulties of digital marketing for beginners: go with a lot of yourself.

Everyone wants to make money, everybody wants to sell more. This is evident.

However, the goal of digital marketing is to help people.

When they see you as a seller, quickly lose interest.

But if you realize that you’re really well-meaning, to help really, probably your sales skyrocket!


On the one hand, the money is not the biggest of problems in digital marketing.

That’s because the investments are much lower when compared to Outbound Marketing strategies.

Outbound Marketing is also known as traditional marketing. He seeks their customers to an active form, unlike the Inbound Marketing.

That is, it does not necessarily have an interest in nurturing leads with content and generate real interest. He wants to do is sell!

And the means used for this are traditional, you already know well: TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, outdoor, etc.

Not to mention that you can enter on the market free of charge.

On the other hand … to make money, you have to invest.

Invest money in tools and platforms is undoubtedly essential to your progress.

But more important than that is to invest in your own knowledge. That, nobody, takes you.

Therefore, if the problem is money now, my suggestion is for you to have a little patience.

Add what you can to be able to start something more solid.

But, in order not to lose time, you can take advantage and start studying concepts and strategies and apply for free, just to gain more experience.

4-lead generation

The difficulties of digital marketing for beginners, we couldn’t let the lead generation out.

You can create a great page on the internet.

Can invest in quality content, invest in paid traffic and SEO.

But if you don’t get enough leads, your problem will not be solved. On the contrary, you will create a new!

This problem can be solved with content marketing.

That is, you should offer content that has real quality for your reader. Something to solve their problems.

However, the difficulty in generating leads can be coupled with other factors, such as:

  • Lack of call to action and communication channels with the client;
  • Lack of sufficient content to generate leads;
  • Sponsored campaigns badly made, leading the customer to the home of the blog, rather than the page of conversion;

Are basic and simple errors to be corrected, but crucial to generating more leads!

5-Balancing work and Digital Marketing

More and more people are migrating to digital media in search of better job opportunities.

But you can’t just leave the job.

And it gets really complicated at the beginning to reconcile the two. This is among the 5 biggest difficulties of digital marketing for beginners.

And for that, there’s not much to do.

You will need to devote as much as you can, willpower, discipline, to be able to collect the fruits sooner.

Will be more of an effort now to live without worries in the future.

If your competitor is working 2 hours a day, search for work four.

It’s hard at the beginning, and easy to get discouraged and lose the will. But don’t let the first obstacle is enough to knock their life goals.

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About The Author:

Barnard M. Miller is a professional Digital Marketer. He loves to contribute content into different blogs to increase his writing portfolio and currently, he is working with a Custom leather jackets retailer that name is The Leather Makers.