Area Page- What is it?

An area page is a landing page comprising of distinctive and creative content about a particular place or city that your business works for. Area pages exist mainly to raise a company’s web presence by appearing on search engine results pages for relevant area page searches. It’s an independent page to be found on a website, which aims a specific geographical marketplace.

Probing into the significance of Area Pages

Area pages assist in improving your rankings in Google spontaneously. Your prospect visitors normally search for service plus a city, and even if they don’t write a city, Google will bring the results based on the locality that they’re probing from. If you want your business to be found in places other than the one you are located in, then the area pages are very crucial.

Basically, area pages are merely extra content, and more content equals more stream of traffic. But if the page is done well, it can enhance a whole new market to your customer. If your company show off positive appraisals on Yelp, Facebook, and Google+, you can also use area pages to blow into a rival company’s business.

Probing into the significance of Area Pages

Do Area Pages Really take part in enhancing the website ranking?

Let us take you to our work, just to make you understand that Area pages really matters. We would like to reveal some of our secrets to prove whether area pages add to the ranking of the websites or not. We have developed cargo websites for sending cargo from the UK to Pakistan, India and South Africa. The services provided by us were quite efficient but initially, lack area pages.

Our Services to the Cargo Clients

The websites we have developed regarding cargo has now been one of the first three sites on the Google search. Nifty. Huh? But it’s not an easy job. For most cases, it takes years to achieve this progress. Let’s get into it.

Our Services to the Cargo Clients

Elaboration of steps taken to manage the sit

The first question under which we started our work was that what types of topics would our target audience search that we’d want our business to get found for?

Initially, this was not a matter of area pages, we just focussed on the keywords research which would be applicable to the whole site. The difficult part in the research was to find out which keywords will be able in bringing the organic traffic. We cited the best keywords for the services we provide but didn’t concentrate on the service area pages.

We tried to add maximum information about the services we offer such as air cargo, sea cargo etc. Then we added the business partners to make an effective impact on the customers. Although, the content we added was fairly weighty having proficient involvement of keywords.

Addition of Service Area Pages

The effectiveness and attraction of organic traffic was still a goal to be achieved and we then added the service area pages. We are offering cargo services from the whole UK to Pakistan then we added service area pages of major cities using the keywords like cargo to Pakistan from London, Cargo to Pakistan from Birmingham, Cargo to Pakistan from Hertfordshire, such as these keywords was missed in the initial keyword research.

The added Content to Service Area Pages

Content being an integral component of the site was the first to look for the thing in the area pages. What we look for is the use of keywords in the title and the Meta description. A few line content was added to the service area pages and three images of a specific area with keywords added to alt tags were all in all structured for a service area page.

The added Content to Service Area Pages

The Outcome of adding service area pages

The results we got from adding service area pages were stunning. In just 45 days the client site started to rank in the top three results for all area related keywords. The overall traffic increased up to 38% and the conversion rate also got improved.

The increased Click through rates

The Click Through Rate (CTR) measures how people who see an ad end up clicking on it. The main things that have an impact on the CTR included the quality of the imagery, ad positioning, and keywords. The increased click-through rates eventually increased PPC score due to ad relevancy resulting in less spend in PPC. The audience targeting was the major factor in the success of the PPC campaign.

With that being said, we implemented some proven methods of increasing CTR fast. First off, we dial in our audience targeting. It’s by far the biggest shaping factor to increase CTR and whole profitability. On the off chance, we have targeted the wrong audience, it would have left us with a terrible CTR and expensive conversions.

Next, we adjusted our display ad creative. We kept testing it until we found the one that drives the most clicks. Finally, after implementing these tips, and we have boosted the chances of landing more clicks and conversions.

In conclusion, we can say that area pages occupy their own significance in a website. They not only have a positive impact on the visitors but also assist in an increase in the website ranking of our clients. This strategy ranked our client’s website as one of the first three results of the Google search. Same tactics are adopted for similar clients that are of ATOZINDIA and CARGOTOAFRICA.

About The Author:

This article has been written by Abbie Ella. She has been working in Digital marketing and is responsible for drawing up long term marketing strategies for websites. Currently, she is working for Phedratech Online Solutions and has had a chance of working in many different niches.