If you own a small business that doesn’t mean your business isn’t good for Big Data Solutions. Also, you don’t have to have a huge budget for this – nowadays, small companies can obtain the benefits of the massive amounts of online and offline information. These information can help grow small business and make wise, data-driven decisions.
The key to operating on this successfully is to know where to look; your small business will grow once you learn how to gather and make sense (after analyzing it) of all the information you found. We give you five big data solutions that may help your small business.

1. Google Analytics

Hold your horses – there is no need for large investments in order to get necessary data. You can start with what you already have – your website. Google Analytics, Google’s free Web-traffic-monitoring tool will give you an insight into all types of data about website visitors. It uses a multitude of metrics and traffic sources.

Google Analytics will give you information about trends and fill you in on valuable information. This way you will be able to understand your audiences engagement, see what their likes and dislikes are, how long they stay on a website which will further help you make decisions regarding your website’s or online store’s goals.

What you can also do is analyze social media traffic. This way you will be able to make changes to your social media marketing campaigns and you’ll have the justification for those changes in details about what is and isn’t working.

2. InsightSquared

InsightSquared connects to popular business solutions you probably already use — such as Google Analytics, Zendesk , Salesforce, QuickBooks, ShoreTel Sky, and more  and automatically gathers data and extract actionable information.

Let’s put it this way – what can provide a wealth of small business sales intelligence is using data from customer relationship management software (CRM). You will be able to find out about activity monitoring, lead generation and tracking, pipeline forecasting, and profitability analysis. It can also help businesses discover strengths and weaknesses, as well as trends. Also, you can be on top of sales team wins and losses, and more.

3. Canopy Labs

In case you didn’t know, Canopy Labs is a customer analytics platform. This platform uses customer behavior, sales trends and predictive behavioral models in order to extract valuable information for future marketing campaigns. Also, this way, Canopy Labs helps discover the most opportune product recommendations.

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Canopy Labs features the 360-degree Customer View, that enables having insight into comprehensive data about individual customers. The purpose of it goes two ways – not only it shows customers’ email behaviors and purchase histories but it as well reveals customers’ standing, such as lifetime value, loyalty and engagement level.

 4. Tranzlogic

Even though you own a small business, don’t kid yourself and think that you cant get invaluable data. It’s true – access was once limited to companies that had huge resources, but owing to Tranzlogic – all the information are now available for small companies as well.

How does Tranzlogic work? Well, it works with payment systems and merchants in order to extract and analyze proprietary data from credit card purchases. When you have this information, you are able to measure sales performance, to improve promotions and loyalty programs, evaluate customers and customer segments, write better business plan, launch more-effective marketing campaigns. Another good thing about this is that Tranzlogic doesn’t need you to be a pro to run it – there isno installation or programming required. You just need to log in and access your merchant portal.

5. Qualtrics

Conducting research is your answer if you don’t currently have any rich sources for data. With Qualtrics you are able to conduct a wide range of studies and surveys which will further let you gain quality insights to guide data-driven decision making.

Qualtrics offers three types of real-time insights:

a)      Customer

b)      Market insights

c)      Employee insights

To gain customer insight, use Qualtrics’ survey software for website feedback surveys, customer experience. Qualtrics also offers advertising testing for studying of the market, concept testing and market research programs. Qualtrics can also help your team in a sense of conducting employee surveys, exit interviews and reviews. Other options include online samples, mobile surveys as well as academic research.

So, even though your company is small it doesn’t mean all is lost. Everybody started small once. Using these programs will help you expand your business.

Useful information for this article has been kindly provided by USB Planet.