If you thought 2013 was a busy year for online marketing trends, think again. 2014 will see a number of new internet marketing trends and tactics, designed to help attract a new customer base, turn leads into conversions and sales, and maximize profit, boosting business in the process. Here are some of the best internet marketing trends and tactics for 2014 that you should be taking advantage of.

Mobile platforms will become even MORE popular

A new study suggests that 87% of all connected devices sold by 2017 will be mobile tablets and smartphones. The mobile market is booming, and business owners should take advantage of this powerful marketing platform more than ever. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you do in 2014, as more and more companies are developing apps for mobile devices and making their websites accessible on smartphones. You will be able to keep your customers informed when they are away from home, leading to more sales and conversions. Consider configuring your marketing budget to spend more money on mobile development. What’s more, Google has recently announced a new project called Enhanced Adwords, which can help companies increase their cost-per-clicks by as much as 30%.

Incorporate more visual content into your website or blog

The age-old adage A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words may sound like a cliche but it couldn’t ring more true. In 2014, platforms will become increasingly visual – even more so than in 2013. A study suggests that visual content can retain customers much more when compared with text-only content. So, consider spicing up boring black text with images, graphics and videos – a sure-fire winner when attracting new customers and getting them to stick around. Consider posting more visual content on not only your blogs and websites, but your social media accounts as well. Be creative. Think about a Photo of the Day or Name This Picture caption competition which could increase customer engagement, and boost the number of likes, shares and comments on your posts. Use bright and vibrant photos that will attract attention and draw the eye of your visitor onto the product or service that you are trying to promote.

Responding to current developments and global events

One of the most popular marketing trends of 2013 was incorporating global events and news stories into your blog posts and social network posts. If you have a small business and are looking for fresh new content ideas, how about responding to a current news story that pertains to your line of business? For example, if you own a gym, post content that is related to the forthcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, or the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in the Summer. You could post tips on how to get fit when playing winter sports or soccer and incorporate this into your blog content. Always remember to follow your articles with a call-to-action, and encourage readers to sign up to a service or purchase promotional items. This trend will become increasingly popular in 2014 and business owners strive to create fresh and original content for SEO purposes in the hope that their website or blog will rank higher on Google’s search results.

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