5 Tips for Running an eCommerce Business on a Budget

5 Tips for Running an eCommerce Business on a Budget

Quite recently, the eCommerce industry has had quite a significant expansion. As a matter of fact, it has been showing significant growth since 2014, but the COVID-19 crises only served to expedite it.

With so many companies going out of business, closing down their brick and mortar offices, and switching online, eCommerce is going through its Renaissance. Therefore, it is no wonder that you would want to try and see what it is all about. And this is exactly what we are here to help you with today.

Running an eCommerce business on a budget can be tough. It will take a lot of planning, managing – and a little luck. But with these five tips, you will have a strong basis and be ready for success!

1. Plan your business carefully

There is a lot of talk about planning a business – but no one really mentions the importance of planning it well. What’s more, new business owners might not even be aware of how to create their plan, or what goes into it.

The thing to remember is that your business plan doesn’t need to be a hundred-page novel. Sometimes, a simple one-page business plan will do the trick just as well! It can even help you shape up your focus on what’s important.

What you will want to find on a business plan is your vision and your goal. Answer these two questions:

  • Where do you see your business in a certain time period – like six months or a year?
  • How do you plan do get there? What resources will you need?

Just by focusing on these two things, you should be able to create the gist of your business plan. From there, you can come back and edit it as much as you need – and this becomes easier the shorter the plan is!

2. Use the right tools for your business

Picking a tool you are going to use for a certain task can make or break your business. This is true in the mortar and brick world – but it comes to the forefront when talking about eCommerce.

And since you are running your business on a budget, you cannot splurge on a huge variety of tools. So, you will want to pick only the ones that you will really, really need.

One of them is good business modeling software. In the early stages of starting your business, you will want to be able to create forecasts of how much you will be spending versus how much you will earn. Tools like IdeaBuddy, Wrike, or Bitrix24 are perfect for this!

The second essential tool you will want is a project management tool. With it, you will be able to plan ahead and manage all your chores, resources, and your team. Make sure you find a tool that can scope well with your business.

Remember – as you grow, the number of projects will grow too – and thus, it can be harder to grasp them all. So, tools like Todoist, MeisterTask, or Trello are a must! Just ensure that these are included in your budget, and you will be set!

3. Streamline everything for the best results

Running an eCommerce Business

The next thing you will want to do is to remove as much clutter as you can form your eCommerce business. Go back through everything you already have and try to streamline it all down. This includes your products, your tools – even the chatbots you are using on the website.

This task might seem like quite a chore, but it comes with a set of benefits. First, you will speed up your website by removing clutter. You will only have 15 seconds until a user leaves a website to catch their attention. If your loading speed takes this much time, you will lose them – and your budget will suffer!

Secondly, you will have fewer things over which you need to lose your sleep. Your business will require fewer updates, and there is overall less risk that something can go awry. You will also spend less on the upkeep.

4. Consider outsourcing

Another thing that has grown quite popular with the advent of technology is outsourcing. Nowadays, you can find a person who can help you with your workload with only a couple of mouse clicks.

This is why outsourcing your eCommerce is an obvious choice. Once you are running for some time and you are picking up steam, you can find assistants that will take the workload for you.

This way, you can pay them a reasonable rate for their work, while still making money without lifting a finger! You will also not have to deal with the stress that your huge workload can represent. What’s more, you can put your focus on other revenues in order to turn even more profit. Thus, outsourcing is a win-win-win condition!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Finally, a thing you should always keep in mind is that it is completely fine to admit you have no idea what you are doing from time to time.

In these cases, you should always turn to a professional. Whether you need help dealing with the taxes, you need accounting, or there are some legal issues that raise concern – turn to someone who can help you. What’s more, you can even freelance these consultants online and save a little money that way too!

Remember – all great business owners were in a position that left them confused. It is how you get out of it that matters – and what you do with your answers in the long run that counts!

About The Author:

Petar Dordevic is a content writer for IdeaBuddy, the best business modeling tool on the market. He is finishing his master’s degree in General Mathematics but is also learning about entrepreneurship, eCommerce, and project management on the side.


Organic traffic Strategies: Benefits of Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic Strategies: Benefits of Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is important for the success of an internet site and everything behind it: a brand, a company, and ultimately a web business, a physical business, or a mixture of both.

Its importance isn’t only quantitative but also qualitative since the visits that come to our website don’t belong to any sort of user, but to someone with the subsequent characteristics.

You’ve got reached our page by rummaging through keywords or a phrase associated with our business or sector of activity. This is often someone curious about the theme of our website or at least some a part of it. you’ve got reached our page naturally and non-intrusively.

He or she has sought us out trying to seek out an answer to their need or problem and not differently around. In other words, it’s not on our website because we’ve attracted you with an intrusive or annoying ad.

What’s Organic Traffic?

An organic search may be a method of entering one or more search terms as one text string into an inquiry engine such as Google, Bing, or internet explorer. Organic traffic is that the one that, on most websites, generates a greater number of visits and of upper quality.

Since they’re using with an interest within the design of our page or post, differentiating themselves from direct traffic.

It comes from a keyword search, but because the user directly types the URL or has previously saved in favorites. On the opposite hand, traffic from sponsored links, which is from paid ads, is additionally not considered organic.

The most keys to increasing organic traffic:

To extend organic or qualified traffic to your website, it’s necessary to properly define and implement a series of SEO positioning processes, techniques, and methods that take under consideration and the various factors that influence the algorithm of Google and other search engines when establishing an edge on your page after user searches.

Those factors thanks to their uniqueness and variety, need to do with different areas of action like keyword research, link building, page design, loading speed, etc.

The positioning of a page may be a complex issue, therefore the choice of the simplest keys to extend traffic involves an intense exercise of synthesis and discarding.

“In accordance with these premises, this is often our selection of 4 keys to enhancing our organic traffic”

Use the contents supported a technique:

It already has been known that content is king on the web, but among the tangle of existing information, it’s complex to form a difference, and have enough visibility. so as to possess greater visibility, it’s important to make content optimized for SEO, supported a previous look for the keywords that interest us the foremost and on and off-page actions.

Link building:

links that time to our website from other sites is another excellent way to generating quality traffic, if it’s through with appropriate methods and approved by Google, that is, they can’t be considered as spam.

Create unique responsive content:

In other words, all parts of our website are often viewed with ease for the user from any device. We cannot forget that, currently, an outsized part of Internet browsing from the tiny screens of smartphones.

Practice analytics:

Monitoring and analysis of results, using the acceptable KPIs, will allow us to optimize our strategies and make appropriate corrections.

About The Author:

Usama Amin is an SEO Expert and Web Developer at Webnestmarketing.com, a leading digital marketing & web designing company in Pakistan. He loves coding and develops beautiful websites.


How Facebook Pixel Can Benefit Your Business [Set-up Video Included]

How Facebook Pixel Can Benefit Your Business [Set-up Video Included]

Have you ever online shopped on one site, sifting through listings of shirts and jeans, moved onto Facebook, and found an ad that sent you back to the product on that first site? It’s almost as if the internet was reading your mind, providing you with a simple “click” that will transport you back to that product you want to buy, but know you shouldn’t.

Welcome to pixel advertising technology. Quite simple, a pixel is an analytics tool that consists of a code you can put on your website, so you can track site visitors, retargeting them in the future.

Specifically, pixels can be used for Facebook marketing, which is a powerful way to ensure your products/services are constantly presented to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

In this blog, we will cover five benefits from integrating Facebook pixel into your marketing plan, as well as how you can install the pixel onto your website today.

5 reasons you should be leveraging the power of the Facebook Pixel:

  1. Retarget Website Visitors: When someone goes to your website and clicks around, they are leaving a digital footprint that can be tracked by your analytics. Facebook Pixels will enable you to track the movements of any visitors on your website who are also logged into Facebook. It will record which pages they viewed, which ones they didn’t, and when they visit the site. With this information, you can retarget these customers, reminding them of your products or services.
  2. Custom Conversions: The general Facebook pixel creates an audience of website visitors for the entire website. With Standard Event Codes and Custom Conversions, you can narrow down your marketing efforts to engage with people who showed interest in particular products. This is how Facebook knows to show you the same pair of shoes you were looking at on a companies website.
  3. Custom Audiences: In addition to targeting all of your website visitors, you can now create custom audiences to target people who visit certain parts of your site, spend certain amounts of time on your site, etc. You can also import contact information from things like your email list. If you can give Facebook a group of 100 or more people in one given country, it can analyze their data and create groups of people that share similar interests called Lookalike Audiences.
  4. Lookalike Audiences: These are audiences that Facebook generates. People who exhibit similar behavior to your custom audiences. This can be based on elements of age, interest, location, etc. You can replicate an audience that already responds well to your product right through the pixel. Lookalike audiences work especially well for businesses that are not limited to a small geographical radius like a brick and mortar store.
  5. Cost Savings: Since you can now curate custom and lookalike audiences, as well as custom conversions based on your analytics, you can save money by targeting the right people, right now. You no longer need a shot in the dark, hoping that you are going to find new consumers that are going to click the ‘buy now’ button.

Installing Facebook Pixel on your website

Facebook provides you with three options to create and install the pixel on your website. The first, and easiest, in my opinion, is finding your website provider on their list of company partners. If Facebook has partnered with your website provider, you will receive a simple string of letters and numbers that you plug into the dashboard of your website provider.

The second option is to copy and paste a code into the <head> tag of your website.

The third option is to enter the email address for your website designer. Facebook will email them the information needed to get your Facebook Pixel up and running.

Here is a quick video walking you through the three options available for setting up your Facebook Pixel.

What are the different types of Facebook Pixel?

Base Pixel: A generic code that is placed across your entire website. This will create a general audience of website visitors you can retarget in future ad campaigns.

Standard Event Pixel: The Standard Event Pixel is a code that is tied with any desired action on your website. For example, if your ad directs people to an appointment sign-up page you would place an event pixel titled “Schedule” on the page. On the following confirmation page, you would put the “Lead” event pixel code. With these two pixels installed you can now see inside of Facebook ad manager how many people clicked to visit the Appointment Scheduling page and then how many people made it to the confirmation page.

Custom Conversion: A custom conversion is essentially the same as a Standard Event. The main difference being you can customize the name of the event to better suit your marketing campaign.

Facebook Pixel takes the guesswork out of advertising your business. Seeing data on the engagement with your ads and website can reveal where any bottlenecks are in your marketing campaign, allowing you to adjust only the parts that need attention.

About The Author:

A pioneer in the digital marketing space, Colby Flood is the Owner at Brighter Click. He started his career as a Marketing Director in the Nonprofit sector, before moving on to start his own business. Driven by a mission to increase giving, Colby is best known for inspiring businesses to connect with Nonprofits that align with their core values.


5 Apps for Car Maintenance in 2020

5 Apps for Car Maintenance in 2020

In the 21st century, it’s possible to maintain your car and determine all about your car maintained by using your mobile phone. It is beyond the expectations that how van a cell phone will determine your car’s fuel, fuel consumption, etc. It is not easy and economical to take care of your car as it needs a lot of time and funds. Car or any vehicle users have to pay much for their sudden oil or fuel end, for tuning and other maintenance. This issue could be fixed by using mobile apps that before time let you know that your car is running short of fuel or gas. Most of the smartphone apps are introduced to serve car users perfectly and its popularity widespread all over the world. Due to the developing interest of people among new innovative technology circle apps have a very significant position in all aspects of the field.

Car apps have a very significant position in the automobile industry with new technology cars like tesla trucks. Similarly Car maintenance apps develop a very essential role in medication and innovation bringing some of the new apps which help to reduce the efficiency of maintenance of the car in a very efficient way and Such apps are designed and developed to make the life of car users easy. These mobile apps provide valuable information and let you know how you can take care of your vehicle economically and effectively. Such apps offer premium features or characteristics that may aid your car maintenance and other processes.

1. Simply Auto

It’s an android app that manages your vehicle. It has 0.5 million downloads and has 4.5 ratings on Google play store. It helps you to track your mileage and fuel costs, services, and other relevant expenses. It has multiple features just like Automatic Mileage recording this feature automatically tracks your all trip wherever you move. It also has the service reminder option that will make a reminder tune for you when you want to put some services on your car. The best feature is it allows you to get a login to your cloud for backup.

2. Drivvo

An app is introduced for making you remember all services your car needs. This app is available on android google play store. This app also sports iPhone mobiles. This app reminds you when it is required to send your car for tuning service. Drivvo is designed and developed to keep the focus on the needs of a car user for car services. This app assists a user in remembering to make a schedule for your car maintenance services user add up information once on the app and add details about the car. This app accords the user to have a history or complete record of services of your car so, you may get to know the costs and expenses for major car repairs and maintenance.

3. Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance app is also available for android mobile phones. An app that is helpful and useful for a vehicle. It can track. This app also serves as a car maintenance app. Due to huge differences in Gas prices even in the corners of the same city its really difficult to cooperate with overcharges. Gas Stations that are offering their services near roads where there is a huge demand for gas mostly charges extra prices to cash their demands whereas the gas stations in residential areas far away from main roads charge less comparatively. It would be too awful for one who is short of gas and he or she has to drive back to a gas station with low prices this station might be at the other corner of the town. This app assists in this regard by letting you know where there are low prices of gas available in your area near your current location. This all happens when you got gas and you enter clear directions of that specific station to this app then this app assists you in getting to this station whenever your car is short with gas.

4. Fuelio

An app that is designed to assist more in the matter of vehicle’s or car’s fuel. As its name refers to the main function that this app performs is fuel related. Fuelio app makes it convenient for a user to have a complete calculated record of the fuel and gas process also the price per mileage based on the prices of gas today. Fuelio helps you to set customized reminders for your car maintenance services. This makes you remember and you would never forget to get maintenance of your car as per the schedule.so this becomes common nowadays and attracts the demand of the customer.

5. Car Expense manager

An amazing app that is developed and designed keeping focus on a variety of needs of a car user. This app makes it easy for a user to understand his or her vehicle in a good way. This app makes you alarmed when there is an issue with your car or vehicle. The feature in this app helps to regulate the fuel economy and performance of the engine. This app detects problems related to your engine even while driving also assists in knowing the problems and how to deal with car or vehicle-related problems timely. This app is a bundle of premium features as it reminds you when your car or vehicle needs maintenance services like tuning, oil change, wash, etc. This app allows a user to determine the health of multiple vehicles at the same time using the same app


Nowadays everyone needs help not in their matters but for their vehicles too. Various users need help related to their vehicle maintenance when there is no one to suggest to them for their car matters. Keeping in the eye all these needs and requirements some experts developed apps that help in car maintenance, Gas availability and many others. Some of the most common apps that one must have been described above.

About The Author:

Hi, my name is Laraib. A professional content writer, technology and travel blogger, with a creative bent of mind. I have authored and published a plethora of articles in the niche of travel and technology domains. Here is my own blog globe news.

Why WordPress is a Preferred Platform to Build a Website?

Why WordPress is a Preferred Platform to Build a Website?

If you are looking for creating a website you are in the right place. Many people think that WordPress is good only for blogging; however, the underlying secret is WordPress has the capability of making many websites, be it for personal use or any e-commerce website. For many web designers in Mississauga, the most obvious choice of CMS (Content Management System) is WordPress. In fact, now WordPress is used by many developers to create different websites.

WordPress is an open-source platform, which means anybody can use it that too for free. All you need to do is configure the basics, install themes and plugins and there you have the way to create a website.

Why WordPress?

As described earlier WordPress is an open-source CMS. It lets you do anything on it; creating, editing or managing content, without making the task too complex. Below are some factors which tell in brief why WordPress?

  1. WordPress holds much more than just bloggers` content.

 From the time of its outset, developers found their way to making blogging sites with WordPress. With time WordPress expanded its potential with the help of some themes and plugins which made it flexible to even business sites. There are many websites that are currently powered with it such as, Marks & Spencer for Business, Bata, Bloomberg Professional and many more. While it is always best for blogging, its expansion into new domains has given a comprehensive CMS which makes WordPress more reliable.

  1. Easy to use.

You do not have to be a techno head when it comes to using WordPress. If you know the basic skills of the computer, WordPress is not a difficult task for you. If you have ahold over Microsoft then you can get this one too that too without any hassle. So you do not need to spend extra money on finding a programmer for you to make a website or even do some minor changes in the already developed site. Not only this, WordPress itself makes the task easier for you by providing easy navigations through the backend administrator interface.

Good Read: Schema Automation for WordPress Websites

  1. Website making is free.

To create a website can cost you a lot of money from buying CMS to hiring a programmer. With WordPress, it is not bothersome, because it is free of cost as it is an open-source platform. Moreover, not just the CMS, but even many plugins are also free which can save you a lot of money. Now coming its practicality, as mentioned earlier that WordPress is easy to use then you are going to save expenditure on the programmer as well.

  1. Flexible and offers complete control over the site.

Unlike other CMS, WordPress is not a hosting website which eventually means that it gives you complete control over the website. Since the website is in your hands you can make whatever changes you want which makes it flexible as well. Choosing WordPress has some perks. It allows you to make a customized website. This allows you to attract the tribe from your vibe.

  1. Google loves WordPress- SEO friendly

 WordPress uses Google-friendly codes which allow the search engine to find your content easily. WordPress sites ensure the Meta tags, keywords, and titles, all are SEO oriented. The individual can add fresh content, which is important and will not have to worry about the ranking because WordPress increases your chances of getting organic traffic.

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  1. Adding Plug-ins easy.

Since you can tailor your website according to your needs, there is a requirement of plug-ins that can do the job for you. WordPress offers various free plug-ins while for more advancement you need to buy it which is also cost-effective. With unique and affordable plug-ins you can do a lot of functionality improvements. You can add Facebook FanBox, twitter, Live Chat, and many others.

  1. Supported Worldwide.

Being an open-source platform makes WordPress used by many people. Currently, some 100 million sites are built on WordPress. It has active users which makes it a supportive platform. Because there are many people working on it, you can find help from anybody.

  1. WordPress is here to stay.

WordPress has taken over the internet since 2011. Millions of websites are powered on WordPress. It has earned a lot of appreciation for its easy to use interface, and user-friendly plug-ins. It does not stop here; the fact that it gives source to many websites automatically means it is not going anywhere. Even an ordinary person who does not know programming can use it which makes it even more welcoming and popular.

However, it is worthy to note that even though WordPress is never getting old, yet it offers an update. Now upgrading to a newer version can seem work of a click, but it can change the whole scenario. Not always the updated versions are good, however, there are times when you need to update it for that there is a requirement of any web designer.

  Enterprise Web Cloud is a web designing company that has expertise when it comes to WordPress. They have a professional team and know exactly what you want. On top of all, they offer very reasonable rates which will not feel like a burden.

Author bio:

Russell Wiltenburg is a content manager at Enterprise Web Cloud, leading digital marketing & web designing in Mississauga. He loves writing informative and technical blogs acknowledged by many entrepreneurs around the world. You Can Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.