Cyber criminals seem to be the buzz of the last decade. Granted white-hat techniques developed have become far more efficient. Yet, it seems cybercriminals have little to no struggle keeping up with innovative ways to hack and cause havoc for businesses.

The crazy thing is…

Almost 80% of businesses believe that they may just be lined with the scope of cybercriminals in the coming year.  And of these, 69 percent of these businesses are sweating it out due to the belief that they do not have the financial or infrastructural means to protect themselves from looming threats.

The word cybersecurity is almost as intimidating for a business owner as the word dentist is for a little boy or girl.

The good news is that you are not alone. I did tons of research, and interviews to find some of the easiest, most effective ways that you can protect your business from cybercriminals in the coming year.

So, let’s get into it:

Train Employees On The Risk Of Cyber Crime

Train Employees On The Risk Of Cyber Crime

The easiest way cybercriminals use to access critical business information is through your employees. The majority of the time, businesses are so focused on their software and infrastructure, that they forget their Achilles heel – employees.

It’s as simple as clicking the wrong link or opening a phishing email from the office network – a simple 2-second hack, which could cost your business thousands, and thousands of dollars.

Take the time to update employees on various popular hacking techniques from phishing techniques from hoaxes, scams, and pretty much everything and anything that relates to digital security.

At the end of the day, this also helps your employees protect their own personal information – so it is a win-win.

Keep Your Software Up To Date

Keep Your Software Up To Date

If there was any way that I could further emphasize how important this is. I would. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, my hand cannot reach through the screen right now.


If your antivirus is not up to date, stop reading this article right now, and head over to get it sorted straight away.

Antivirus software can only handle what it knows how to handle. That means if your software is outdated, it may not be able to recognize the latest malware, trojans, or worms injected into your organization’s network.

Enforce Strict Password Policies For Office Terminals

Enforce Strict Password Policies For Office Terminals

Weak passwords are hidden gem mines for cybercriminals.

Steve1234, SecretPass101, and your cat’s first name all have one thing in common. They make terrible passwords if you are trying to keep someone out of your account.

Although this should fall under your employee cybercrime training, I find it prudent to mention this specifically.

Although it may be a bit frustrating from an employees perspective – it contributes to your security against cybercrime, which could not only cost you thousands of dollars – but also the trust your customers have in your business.

More than worth it, I would say.

Back Up Company Critical Information … Often

Ransomware has grown by almost 300% in the last year alone. Cybercrime totaling a whopping $100 million in expenses for the United States. But at its current growth, officials state that they expect it to increase to $1 trillion by 2021.

Not sure what ransomware is?

Essentially, this is when a particularly sinister cyber criminal manages to get through your firewalls, your antivirus, and your employees – right down to business, and sensitive customer information.

Here’s where it takes a nasty turn for your business.

This particular type of crime involves taking this information, removing it completely – and leaving a note… similar to a hostage situation.

Not only will this cost your company millions of dollars, but it is also likely to leave a huge dent in your public relations tactic.

Which is why it is so important to ensure that all of your company and client sensitive information is backed up to an off-site location. Such as the secure cloud.

This backup will help you keep running your business like normal if you do ever happen to fall victim to a ransomware attempt against your business.

Hire A Professional Cyber Security Consultant

As innovative as cybercriminals are – we have our own team of insightful experts ready to lend their helping hand to businesses in need.

If you have the financial means, and you would like to find someone to help you double check the securities implemented to mitigate the risk cybercriminal activity poses to your business – there are professionals out there.

Check out this link to find out more about finding the right cybercriminal consultant to help you protect your business in the long run.

If Things Do Go South – Invest In Protecting Your Assets

If your business does happen to fall victim to cybercriminal attempts, there is always a path to redemption. If you manage to back route the hacker to his origins, there is a high likelihood that you will be able to catch him red-handed. Which is where you will need a premium attorney to handle the case and ensure that your business receives compensation for losses caused by the criminal’s activities.

There are ways to protect your business from cybercrime – you just have to figure out what works best for your business. If you want the most protection possible, it’s best to use a combination of all of these tips. Don’t take this lightly, it can happen to your business, and it will if you don’t take the necessary steps.

About The Author:

Grace Frenson is a freelance writer from Philadelphia. She recently graduated from Drexel University with a bachelor’s degree in businesses administration. While studying for her degree she interned under a notable financial consultant in King of Prussia, PA. Grace has a passion for finance and writing. As she continues to learn more about running a successful business and new business technologies, she plans to share her insight and knowledge with those who are equally as passionate about these topics.