In today’s ever-changing landscape, your website is your most powerful tool and more influential than ever before. It can easily become the centerpiece of all your efforts and your most powerful asset in the process of making your presence stronger. The rapidly changing technology can actually make your website seem outdated so it is very important to keep up with the latest trends. Here is a list of 10 simple tricks to make your website more stylish and give it a creative design:

  1. Using White Space

On a number of occasions, the clients have complained about too much space on their website. They prefer to use this space for advertising or other services so that the users can find more stuff on their website. On the contrary, white space is actually essential for the good design of a website. This white space helps in making your content more legible and lets them focus on the elements surrounding the text. This space actually increases the user attention and lets them feel open and refreshed while viewing your website.

  1. Choose a Responsive Design

The fun fact is that 31% of traffic coming to the top 10 websites in the world is through mobile devices. So, if the design of your website is not flexible and responsive enough, you’ll be losing some serious real-time visitors. With the passage of time, this number will increase in magnitude and if your website is not mobile compatible, you are going to face some serious tough time in getting the visitors to it. Having a responsive design means that, your website will adapt to any kind of screen or device.

  1. Keep Navigation Simple

All the consumers who are visiting your website should be able to get on any page within two seconds. It is very important for such users to find everything on the website easily otherwise, they will lose their interest soon enough. There are several options on the web and if you will give the people a chance to resort to other options, they will make full make use of it. You need to make a very user-friendly interface to gain the credibility of the people and stick the less important tabs in sub-menu.

  1. Stay Accessible for the Viewers

There are times when it is unbelievably difficult to get in touch with the owner of the website and to present all the concerns to him. You must not be such a person and make it a point to stay available for all the users. Provide the contact information on every page of the website or keep it in the form of a side menu. You can even think of having it in the footer of the page because if you are making it difficult for the people to get in touch, you are losing a whopping 95% of your leads.

  1. Rely on Attractive Calls to Action

When your customer comes to your website, they already have their requirements and needs in their mind. Through a call to action, you are simply enabling your users to easily navigate through the website and get to the page they want to. Another thing to keep in mind is to use verbs as buttons and to use such a word which must ignite the action in the users. The right psychologically triggering words can make the users perform the certain action with ease.

  1. Prioritize the Key Pages

It is essential to keep a website that prioritizes the web pages and presents the most important ones to the users with ease. The most important information must be readily available to all the users like how to contact or the available hours of the staff. This will help them in reaching the owners of the website conveniently.

  1. Keep the Best Color Page for Conversion

It is the color which has far more ability than the context to affect conversions. This phenomenon is supported by the Von Restorff effect. In simple words, this means that whatever stands out in the crowd has the ability to get noticed as compared to the one which blends in. So, you must go with such a color that can outperform others in terms of grabbing the attention of the users.

  1. Rely on Concise Messaging

As compared to a printed document, the level of attention while reading the text on the website is different. You need to get to the point rather quickly while online as nothing else can draw the customer off more than long meaningless texts. Do not make the customers figure out the things themselves because nothing else can turn them off more than this.

  1. Fix All the Issues

There can be issues in the grammar or spellings of the text or even some browser specific issues with the website. Imagine a situation where the users are unable to click the call to action on the website or there is some major spelling error in the main tab of the website. Such issues can ruin your reputation and draw away the customer for good. Make sure that there is nothing wrong with the appearance of the website so that it is easy to use and looks attractive at the same time.

  1. Use Powerful, Large, and Concise Headlines

Headlines are the most viewed item on a page and they attract more attention than the images. This is because the users want to know what’s on the page for them and with the help of bold yet concise headlines; they can get all the necessary information upfront. This design can be commonly seen on the homepages of many companies.

If you want to creatively design a website that is stylish enough to be on par with the biggest competitors in the market, you need to follow these simple guidelines. Through a strong website, you’ll be able to have a meaningful presence in front of all your potential customers and users.

About The Author:

This article has been written by Clinton Loomis, Currently works at, he is a Career Counselor, a Teacher and a Writer who writes on different topics related to web development, technology, education and social media marketing.