With handheld devices becoming more advanced, you can now use mobile devices to do more complicated tasks than ever before. Your phone’s features are no longer limited to texting, calling, taking photos and playing games. You actually have the power of a full-fledged computer on your hands with your smartphone.

One of the great things about the evolving mobile technology is that you can now even start a business with it. Here are 10 business ideas that you can do with your mobile devices:

1. Mobile App Development

The proliferation of apps is one of the catalysts of mobile phone evolution It could be even said that apps running on smartphones and mobile devices can influence how it will evolve in the future.

It has never been this easy to create and offer apps that can run on different device brands within the same platform, and never this rewarding as well. What’s more is that you can now make apps right off your phone.

2. Mobile Translation Services

If you are proficient in more than one language, then you can use this skill to help you earn extra income. You can offer mobile translation or interpretation services to anyone from anywhere in the world through your phone. The demand for translators and interpreters have grown considerably, and this opens a large opportunity for you. If you have friends who can also speak the language, then you might even be able to create a translation business.

3. Become a Mobile Auto Mechanic

If you have a passion for fixing broken things, then starting an auto mechanic business can be a good idea. You’ll need to invest a bit in your tools. Mobile can help you eliminate the need for a shop. Set up an online service hub where clients can reach you, and you can go to their home, or wherever they may be. Set up a small team so you may be able to handle more than one assignment at a time.

4. Mobile Cell Phone Repair

If your fascination with mobile technology has directed you to study how all the parts work hand-in-hand, then you can start a mobile phone repair business.  Our friends from advancedcomputers.co.nz also suggest that you can set up a virtual shop where customers can get in touch with you, browse your services and pay at the same time. This eliminates the need for you to set up a physical repair shop, and also expands your reach.

5. Mobile Tutoring

Another growing mobile service is tutoring. Since video conference is the usual medium for this, you can replace a computer with a smartphone. If you have a stable internet connection, then you are all set to start a mobile tutorial business. Imagine teaching a kid from another part of the world!

There’s also a lot of subjects that can be taught through mobile tutoring. It really depends on your expertise. Form a team with various expertise and you will be able to start a full-service tutorial business. But one of the most famous tutorial services if for the English language.

6. Social Media Marketer

Yet another facet of the evolving digital world is the large role of social media not only to our social lives but also for marketing. Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to do modern-day marketing, and this is something you can do using your mobile phone.

Social media influencers can find that they can earn a lot by offering marketing services. So if you have a knack for both social media platforms and doing marketing, then this business is ideal for you.

7. Chatbot Developer

While a lot of app developers concentrate on games, another worthwhile project that you can develop are chatbot. This is an artificial intelligence-based technology that plays a big role in providing a holistic service experience to online clients. Chatbot development can now be done using mobile phones.

8. E-commerce Seller

If sales interest you, then setting up an online shop can be the right business for you. There are more and more customers of online shops that are browsing through mobile devices, so there’s no reason why managing an e-commerce business cannot be done via mobile as well. Just study well what kind of products you’ll be selling.

9. Airbnb Host

If you have the ability to offer accommodations to travelers, then being an Airbnb host is ideal for you. You can start off with just one, but you can definitely grow and offer more Airbnb accommodation. You can also manage your business through the use of your mobile phone. If you are thinking about this option, please be informed that this entails a decent amount of investment.

10. Photography

Most photos taken using mobile phones are already on par with professional cameras. If you have a smartphone that has an outstanding camera quality, and if you have what it takes to be a photographer, then you can find a business opportunity in photography.

Start a Mobile Business Now

With a plethora of mobile business ideas, you are bound to be able to choose which one is best matched with your skills and interests. In the long run, it really depends on what you want to do in life. Select the best mobile business for you. Start now!

About The Author:

Samantha helps businesses build effective processes for vetting ideal clients and building a business that doesn’t take every hour of every day. When she isn’t working, you can find her watching psych thriller films or keeping up with the latest buzz in the tech world.