SEO in itself is a very vast terminology to study on, as a very famous quotation says that “a website without SEO is a road without direction.” Whenever you are setting up a website or a blog it is essential to optimize it for search engines and SEO (search engine optimization) and the whole science and study on how you can optimize your websites for the search engines is called SEO in general.

SEO is an essential element of the developing digital world and business world as well. As most of the businesses are moving online, every business owner wants that whenever a customer search anything related to their services their website should be shown at the top and for this, they surely need to do SEO for their websites. In last five years, search engines and mainly Google is rolling out regular algorithm updates which make really hard for an average person to understand the generic sense of this algorithms. That is why SEO always is a separate department in every of the digital marketing agency, and every company hires a technical person for this. In 2017, there might be many SEO factors and practices that could make you able to rank higher, but today we will discuss probably the scientifically proven and most trustworthy SEO practices and factors that could work out in 2017.

  • Create Amazing Content
  • Limited Crawling
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Smart Content Marketing
  • On-Site SEO
  • Following A Proper Link Building Strategy
  • Mobile Optimization And Mobile Friendliness
  • Never Neglect Social Media
  • High Ranking Formula
  • Accuracy And Relevancy In The Content

Let us now discuss the above-mentioned SEO success factors of 2017 in details and extract the best methodology that could make your website rank higher in the search engines and specifically on Google!

  1. Create Amazing Content

You might have heard about a terminology that “Content is King” or even you must have also heard about a formula that “Great Content + Backlinks = Higher Ranking”. But the thing is, all these quotes and formulae look good only as a theory, practically things are entirely different. Content is surely a crucial aspect, and it is not negligible, but in 2017, if we say that “Reader is the King” it would be justifiable at all. Google love, what people like, so you should rather focus on creating amazing content specifically for you readers. Good content will resultantly lead to you towards acquiring high authority links which will sky-rocket your ranking in SERPs. Just focus on creating content for readers, in fact, it would be more appropriate if I state that “Don’t just find the right readers for your content rather create the right content for your readers.”

  1. Limited Crawling

It is an important and a technical SEO hack, but most people neglect it deliberately which is not okay. Whenever you allows a search engine to crawl your web pages and crawl the large pages from your site, it consumes a lot of crawl budget for the Google crawlers, and it might be possible that a crawler might spend more time on those pages which are of no use. This will affect your site’s credibility and the health, and as a matter of fact, you should be informed that Google cannot crawl all the pages of your website every day. So, it would be much better to put a noindex/nofollow tag on the pages you don’t to get appeared in the search engines. It is not so hard; you just have to see your robots.txt file and fix the things accordingly.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Where should you invest in SEO in 2017? Influencer marketing is one those sections where you should consider investing time and money, both. In 2016 it almost exploded the market, and in 2017 it will become even more familiar because Google has crushed all conventional SEO tactics and everything is being executed in real time now. The other main reason is the instant effectiveness you get with this strategy, just make a list of influencers from your niche and industry, and create content that you think they could be interested in it, once you are done with the substance pitch it to them. If your content is a hero, they won’t hesitate to share it with their community or even link to it!

  1. Smart Content Marketing

Content marketing will also be the one those SEO tactics that will still live in 2017 because of its effectiveness and reliability. Every piece of content you are creating should have a purpose, and it should be engaging so whenever someone reads it, they should feel pleased and share it otherwise your readers will bounce back. Attractive visuals will add up value to your content, and use of relevant outbound links will make it credible. Google loves fresh content so you should do a practice to revisit your old and outdated content and update them regularly if and only if they are out of date.

  1. On-Site SEO

On-Site or Off-Page SEO will remain living on the edge factor for surviving and sustaining successfully in 2017. Various factors are concerned with the On-Site SEO which is as follows:-

  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Meta description
  • Page titles
  • Headings
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Site speed
  • 404 errors etc.
  1. Following A Proper Link Building Strategy

Following an excellent link building and link acquisition strategy with your SEO will be dramatically essential in 2017. Acquiring some quality backlinks from high authority website will land you with higher rankings in SERPs. Valuable Backlinks will add a credibility and legitimacy to your website that will result in your increased traffic and rankings, and a final verdict for SEO in 2017 would be, focus on topic depth i.e. creating good content and link building strategy.

  1. Mobile Optimization And Mobile Friendliness

Everyone, I repeat everyone should optimize their websites for mobile in 2017. Google has been repeatedly mentioning that how important it is to make your website mobile friendly and it adds a huge part in site’s overall SEO score as well. So just make sure to cross check your site works correctly on mobile also!

  1. Never Neglect Social Media

Although Google has been shamelessly denying that signals generated with social media won’t affect your SEO, the results and statistics depict something entirely opposite to this. The study shows that the websites that are more popular on social media and receives hits from social media are in the much more stable state, and their search rankings are quite better than those who don’t use social media.  You can use social media as a power gun for maintaining and sustaining higher search rankings.

  1. High Ranking Formula

It has been proposed by the top influencers in SEO and content marketing industry that following formula will still work well for SEO in 2017:-

Good Content + People linking to it = Higher rankings

It seems that there would be lots of how-to articles available on this topic like. How to increase your search engine rankings? For sure, this formula will remain universal on all. So you now know how actually this method will work.

  1. Accuracy And Relevancy In The Content

Great content will always rock, whatever you publish online must contain accuracy in the data used in it, and the utilized material must be highly relevant too. This will also include some of the elements from On-Site SEO, as discussed above. You have to take care of the placement of relevant and appropriately researched keywords when it is about content. All of your content should be well researched and legitimate that is all about the accuracy and relevancy of the content.


I guess that after reading the above mentioned 10 SEO practices in 2017, you can work out with it and even rock in the digital world. Following them properly will naturally make your website or blog able to rank higher in search engines and look vibrant throughout. If following the proposed methodology you were able to make your site enable for the competition then don’t just forget to share it ahead and give it a thumbs up. Or, if you think that something is missing from the list then don’t just hesitate to comment below.

About The Author:

Harry James is a freelance blogger and a professional content writer. He love’s to write on any niche, currently working as a content analyst at CellNTrade!