Digital marketing. If you run any kind of business, then the importance of those two words cannot be ignored.

For the past few decades, the world has very much shifted into a digital age, with humanity’s want for instant communication/research/answers only growing with every technological advance.

If your business is isn’t online, then it might as well not exist. While that sounds harsh, word of mouth and physical ads just don’t have the effect they used to. If someone wants to find a particular business, all they need to do is tap a few times on a phone or laptop, and they’ll be given hundreds of different suggestions. Are you one of them?

This kind of marketing encompasses a lot of different areas, and while you can do them all yourself, it can be tricky to stay on top of. This is where a digital marketing agency comes in. Each one will offer a different amount of services, but generally, they are there to help you and your business compete in the digital landscape, whether with a new website, helping it rank on search engines, having an impact on social media or perhaps giving your brand the refreshed design, it needs.

With all that in mind, let’s have a look at what a competent digital marketing agency can do for you!

What is Digital Marketing?

In layman’s terms, digital marketing is data-driven and more targeted marketing through various technologies. The phrase itself covers a multitude of different digital media, but the common theme is creating well-organized, online marketing strategies that deliver results in real time. The main benefit of these kinds of marketing is that there’s little to no guesswork involved. With results that are almost instant, strategies can be adjusted quickly to make them as useful as possible.

The best way to get that effectiveness? Hire some experts to do it for you.

Improving Your ROI

ROI or “return on investment” is something that you always want to be improving where you can, and your marketing is no exception. The right digital marketing agency will provide you with a noticeable improvement in this area which will mean one crucial thing: more profit for you.

A good agency will always be testing and checking their methods to make sure they’re as efficient as possible and to get you the highest return on your investments that they can. They’ll also be evaluating other aspects to see how effective they’re being, as your website traffic, search engine ranking and click-through-rate on any adverts you may have running, and a good agency should always be updating you with these numbers with regular reports.

While these are things you can keep up with yourself, think about what you’re paying for with an agency. Copywriters, marketing managers, strategists, graphic designers to name a few! Compared to bringing in your own people to handle all this, think about what your money is really buying when making the decision.

Mastering Your Online Brand

One of the main reasons people enlist the help of a digital marketing agency is to improve their online brand in general. These days, you need to have a firm presence across many different areas online.

One of the main things an agency can do is build or improve your existing website. A website is essentially your digital shopfront, so you shouldn’t skimp when designing it. With over 4 billion people now online, most won’t just appreciate a good website, but they’ll expect it. A good agency will be able to tell you what your site needs as well as what channels will be best to use to attract the most buyers.

A digital marketing agency will be able to position you as an industry leader as well as show you to be an expert in your area of business. By creating well-written content and publishing it is places it will be seen, they can cement you as an authority and advertise your services at the same time.


As we said before, different digital marketing agencies will offer a different number of services, but most will cover the same few areas.

SEO strategies: Any good agency will provide services to improve your organic search results. By creating search engine optimized content and doing thorough keyword research, your pages should end up being seen by a lot more people in the long run.

PPC (pay per click): By investing in a paid search campaign, you can get your website at the very top of Google’s search results. The first few results you see when you search something are always sponsored posts with businesses having bid for that spot when certain phrases are searched. It’s a great way to get noticed almost immediately, and a good digital marketing agency should know how to use your budget the most effectively.

Websites: As mentioned above, you need to have a well-designed, functional and responsive website if you want any potential customers to be interested. Not only should it load quickly and have clear calls-to-action across it, but it also must be mobile responsive. Any suitable digital marketing agency will explain to you the importance of mobile marketing and cover the options available.

Social Media: While social media is something a little more personal to each business, having an expert at the helm will always help. Social media marketing took off in a big way over the past few years with Facebook and Instagram ads reaching increasingly larger audiences. The amount you post on your social pages is ultimately up to you, but an agency will know about the most popular types of posts, which trends are taking off and the best times of day for your content to be seen.

Graphic Design and Branding: Not all agencies will offer their own graphic design services, but the ability to have well-made, custom graphics for your adverts can give you an edge over your competitors. The same stock photos will never catch the eye of a consumer the same way as something truly your own.

When it comes to choosing a digital marketing agency, make sure you do a thorough check of their services and talk to them in depth about what they can do for you. There are plenty of other options that these agencies could offer like video production and mobile app development, so make sure to think about which services will be most beneficial to you. Having a robust online presence is key to staying afloat in business these days, so you’ll need to enlist the best service that you can to do so.

About The Author:

Lloyd Parkinson is a Content Marketing Executive at Revive.Digital. Lloyd has experience writing content for the purpose of marketing on behalf of B2B and B2C organizations ranging from legal services, insurance brokers,  financial services, all the way to the music and entertainment industry. He conducts research and writes about an extensive number of topics. Lloyd aims to educate his readers through his creative writing by providing them with informative and valuable content. He seeks to simplify complex topics for general readers as well as writing technical content for the well informed.